Little changes, made by lots of people can make a big difference!

Here's some of the things were doing to make positive changes!

We use vegan suede recycled ocean plastic jewellery pouches

We plant a tree for every order we receive to help with reforestation around the world.

We choose to use Fairtrade gold, recycled gold and SMO (Single Mine Origin) Gold here's a bit more information and links to resources to learn more:

Fairtrade Gold

If you would like your item to be made in Fairtrade gold, please let us know as we make each piece individually. It comes from mines which meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard allowing for fair working conditions for their miners, supporting the local community.

Health and Safety including handling of chemicals, women's rights and child labour are also under strict regulations governed by the Fairtrade Gold Standard, and the mines receive a guaranteed price for their product. 

Find out more at:

Recycled Gold

We also like to use Recycled gold, either by melting down your own sentimental gold or using recycled gold from our suppliers. Our supply chain is from members of the Responsible Jewellery Council so it can be traced and proven to be responsibly sourced. Gold has so many uses it will always be a valuable resource that is utilised, cherished and passed down through the generations.

SMO Gold

Single Mine Origin gold can be traced back to specific mines, that are highly regarded for maintaining high standards of working conditions. Fairtrade mines that have become larger than a specific size will then become listed as an SMO mine.

"SMO certification and stamping provides an auditable chain of custody for every gram of gold and peace of mind that this metal has been produced within strict parameters of corporate, social and environmental responsibility."

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

We choose to source our gemstones from lovely ethical suppliers who work closely with the miners and cutters to maintain high standards throughout the supply chain. Ensuring we are all playing our part in making positive change in the industry.

The other gemstones we use are sourced from suppliers that can guarantee their stones are "conflict-free" and follows the regulations of full disclosure.

Sometimes particular stones can't be traced due to their country of origin, hopefully as the demand for transparency and sustainability increases, more and more suppliers will provide this information. 

If you only want fully traceable stones, just let us know in your Bespoke Consultation and we'll advise you on the best stone choices. 

Canada Mark Diamonds

We prefer to use Canada Mark Diamonds as they can be traced back to the original source.

"Responsible mining means improving lives, strengthening communities, protecting wildlife, and respecting the environment in which we operate"

"When a Canadamark diamond is cut and polished, a unique serial number is assigned to the stone which is then laser engraved on its girdle together with the Canadamark logo. This inscription is so small that it’s invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen using a microscope or diamond loupe.

The same number can be found on the certificate card that came with your stone.

You can enter this number below to verify if your diamond is an authentic Canadamark diamond and to follow your diamond’s unique journey from rough to polished.

A Canadamark diamond will always have a unique laser inscription and be accompanied by a Canadamark certificate card."

Lab Grown Diamonds 

Lab grown Diamonds are a great alternative which is becoming more and more popular, it is a fascinating process using modern day alchemy that is potentially the most sustainable choice. You can read more about our visit to Newcastle Based 'Bring Diamonds' it in our blog or visit to learn more about their outstanding service.