With in Emma Hedley Jewellery, we always try our best to use Fairtrade metal and Fairtrade stones where we can. Sometime it just isn't possible but here's a little bit of information about Fairtrade Gold and Fairtrade Gem stones.

Fairtrade Gold

We try our best to use Fairtrade gold in most of our jewellery as Fairtrade gold comes from mine which meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard allowing for fair working conditions for their miners. Health and Safety including handling of chemicals, women's rights and child labor are also under strict regulations governed by the Fairtrade Gold Standard and the mines receive a guaranteed price for their product.

Find out more at: https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/Farmers-and-Workers/Gold

Fairtrade Gemstones

When sourcing stones for your beautiful jewellery, we first look at fairtrade gemstones. For diamonds, we prefer to use Canada Mark Diamonds which are 100% ethically sourced and are of a high standard. Most of the stones we use are of G VS quality or better as this quality will create a beautiful sparkle!

The other gemstones we use are sourced from suppliers that can guarantee their stones are "conflict-free" and follows the regulations of full disclosure and fairtrade. We cannot always avoid using stones that are not fairtrade as sometimes the specific stones aren't available but we will always check with our fairtrade suppliers first.