New Eco Jewellery Pouches

Our silver jewellery collections are now packaged in our Vegan Suede, eco pouches which are made from recycled ocean plastic!

blue eco vegan suede recycled ocean plastic pouches

How fantastic is that?!

The vegan suede is really lovely and soft, and the pouches are perfect for popping into your weekend bag for a fun time away!

They take up less space in the post so we've been able to reduce the amount of packaging we use. And our dispatch boxes can be easily recycled, and are made from recycled materials too!

Lots of people making small changes, can help make a big difference! If you know of any other ways we can become more eco friendly please let us know! 

blue Vegan Suede eco jewellery pouches made from recycled ocean plastic Emma Hedley Jewellery



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