Bespoke Experience for retailers

Bespoke Experience for retailers explained

Each of our stone set rings can be made to order in 18ct recycled Rose, yellow white gold or Platinum. And set with unique ethically sourced gemstone combinations that we have pre designed to save you time. Whilst offering a unique immersive experience for your customers.


Emma Hedley bespoke experience for retailers custom made rings set with unique colourful gemstone combinations

Interesting idea, tell me more! 

Semi mounts are available with pre boxed unique combinations of ethically sourced gemstones for your customers to choose from.

Allowing you to offer a unique immersive instore experience, in a streamlined effortless way, that could go hand in hand with your existing fully bespoke service. 

You can either keep a stock of semi mounts in store to resize and post immediately to our stone setter for a fast track approximately 2 week turnaround time.

Or order the semi mounts as you require, for a 5-6 week turnaround time including setting.


 Organic cluster 3 stone engagement ring with unique colourful gemstone combinations to choose from bespoke experience for retailers by Emma Hedley Fine jeweller

So how does it work?

1: Please purchase the stone combinations that you like, these can be displayed in your retail space for customers to see in person. 

2: Customers can decide which metal colour they would like their unique stones to be set in. (18ct recycled rose, yellow, white gold or Platinum.)

3: Simply place the order for their chosen metal via our website. (approximately 21 days turnaround time)

4: Print out the order with your customers name as a reference.

5: Post the stones directly to our stone setter in our pre paid, pre addressed, special delivery envelopes with the order form. 

Each set of stones will come with a digital certificate, you can email to your customer. Including details about the gemstones and some info about some of our amazing suppliers. 

The item will arrive with you instore in around 2 weeks (if you sent the semi mount with the stones.)

Or up to 6 weeks for the full process.


If you'd like to learn more or see some of the samples in person please use this link to book a call. Or use the contact form below!


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