Photo By: Claire Collinson Photography

We enjoy listening to lovely, happy, feel good music while tapping away in the workshop, putting positive vibes into everything we make. 

We love to learn as many new skills and try as many new things as physically possible.

We get excited about new ideas and love to inspire people.

We love to share our skills and knowledge by teaching workshops and volunteering and helping people achieve their dreams.  

We like to re use and recycle; we can see the potential in everything.  

We believe in dreaming big, being gentle to each other and the planet and having fun in the process. Planting a tree for every order we receive!

We aim to use ethically sourced and recycled gemstones and Fairtrade gold as much as possible.

We've searched high and low to find a lovely packaging company that provides us with vegan suede jewellery pouches, made from recycled ocean plastic! And recycled boxes, gift bags and tissue paper that comes from sustainable sources.  

We like things to be unique and a bit quirky, like home grown carrots. 

We believe in balance, life is for living and loving, and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

We encourage and support each other.

We love yoga and hand stands.

To relieve stress we dance really hard for 3 minutes, sometimes wearing wigs.

We listen to, watch and follow as many positive, inspirational, motivational and feel good things as possible. The more good stuff you allow into you life the more you can send out into the world. 

We like to think that...

The possibilities are endless!