Introducing Ethically Sourced Lab Grown Diamonds - Grown in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

Locally Grown by Bring Diamonds  

Following our tour of Bring Diamonds facility we are so excited to announce that we are now in partnership with Bring Diamonds, the carbon neutral, ethically created lab grown diamond company based in Newcastle upon Tyne! See some of our designs using these stunning unique stones.


Our tour

Emma Hedley Jewellery was invited to look around the labs of Bring Diamonds to investigate the ethical claims of this new supplier of lab grown diamonds supplier.  

During the tour we were able to see for ourselves diamonds being grown and learn about the process to see if it compliments the high standards of ethics and sustainability we demand from our suppliers.

We were absolutely mesmerised gazing into the reactor vacuum, to see a beautiful gold and violet glowing orb of light hovering above these glistening cube shaped diamond seeds. It was utterly magical to see! 

It was so Fascinating!

What are Bring Diamonds?

Bring Diamonds are lab diamonds grown using a highly efficient microwave CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) method - this we have learnt is the cleanest method of creating lab grown diamonds! 

Their method creates incredible lab grown diamonds by replicating the physics that created our universe. This modern day alchemy uses a vacuum microwave plasma reactor to reproduce conditions similar to the formation of a planet around a star in space. Click here to learn more about the science of this process. 


Why are they better than traditional lab diamonds?

The other more widely used method of creating diamonds in the industry is HPHT - High Pressure, High Temperature. This technology is far less efficient than CVD. HPHT reactors require an enormous amount of energy for heating, cooling and hydraulic pressure systems. To make matters worse they are often located in countries which use coal power stations and require graphite mined from the ground, therefore contributing to huge amounts of carbon released into the atmosphere. 

The cheap labour, cheap coal power and poor safety standards can mean the cost of the stones from these countries may be very attractively low. The exploited people and the atmosphere are often the ones paying the price. 


What makes Bring Diamonds different?

Bring Diamonds process and action means their diamonds provide us with truly ethical and sustainable supply which are 100% traceable, carbon neutral and available right on our doorstep (Made in the UK).

What is equally amazing is the vision of this wonderful team. Aiming to become 100% carbon neutral by planting 4 hectares of trees just outside of Edinburgh, they estimate to capture an average of 10 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year! Until their tree planting can begin they use Carbon Neutral Britain to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees, so far they have offset more than 25 tonnes and planted more than 150 trees! 

Because sustainability isn't just about carbon, Bring Diamonds also support charitable organisations such as the BAMFF Estate ‘Re-Wilding Project’ based in Perthshire. They are working on planting particular species of trees that in turn attract all kinds of natural wildlife to return to the area. Such as beavers who build dams which are the most incredible forms of flood defence, more so than concrete structures. Wow!

Amongst other charities and sustainable projects they have given aid to the Cramlington & District Red Squirrel Group in southeast Northumberland who maintain a small and healthy population of near threatened red squirrels hoping to increase their numbers.  

Our conclusion?

We were inspired and uplifted to meet such like minded people, who put so much love into what they are doing! Sharing our ethos and aims for creating a better future for the local community and our planet through lots of small positive changes!

It will be an absolute pleasure to design jewellery incorporating some of these fascinating colourful diamonds! If you're intrigued to see more you can have a little peek at the Bring Diamonds Gallery here




What to expect from Emma Hedley jewellery

As a jeweller, I want to find the most ethical and sustainable ways of creating our beautiful jewellery. Aiming to generate more amazing jobs for the area and beyond, that give back to the local communities, miners, stone cutters and crafts people. We can work together to create a better future, better work life balance, working in harmony with nature and each other. 

We have a choice about how we spend our time and our resources. Every purchase we make is like voting. The more ethical and sustainable choices we make and the more knowledge and wisdom we can share, the more we can support and encourage each other to create positive change.

Some amazing solutions are out there, we just need to dig beneath the surface to work out which are the best ones for the future of our planet.


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