Dressing Like A Goddess And Drawing Mandalas All Day

During lock down, it can be challenging in so many ways. We are all having to adapt to this unusual situation and cope with stress, fear and anxiety.

So yesterday I decided to put on a dress, flowers in my hair and invite friends to join me in drawing Mandalas! Here's a tutorial video showing you how to do it if you fancy having a go!

I had 3 sessions throughout the day, and different friends joined in at each session, it was absolutely the best way to spend the day! 

They are meant to represent the universe and help you connect with your higher self. They are also said to help heal and are used for meditation.

By drawing Mandalas, it frees the mind and allows you to reach a meditative state. The repetition of pattern and symmetry is just so calming, I've felt so much better, more focused and more creative as a result! 

I'd highly recommend it, to help you if you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.

Hope you and your family are safe and well at this time. 

Sending love and light x


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