Bird Song Healing Harp Music For Meditation

Healing Harp music to help you unwind. Let go of any stress or anxiety as you listen to this, just focus on your breath, you can use this to play in the background as you meditate or to help to get to sleep.

While playing the harp I'm visualising healing white light raining down, cleansing every cell in the body and pushing any negativity or illness down through the souls of the feet into the ground. It spirals around the centre of the earth and evaporates back up into the universe, filtered, energised ready to start the cycle again raining back down onto the top of the head to the tips of the toes.... You can visualise this healing energy, sending it to any loved ones who are in hospital or isolated or in need of healing and prayers.

I had a few harp lessons aged 9, then didn't continue with it. So I bought this little harp a few years ago, and now during lock down I thought it's a perfect time to start playing again!✨ Filmed during my walk of the day, in Jesmond Dene in Newcastle upon Tyne.🌱🌍✨🧘🕯️💗 Sending lots of love and healing to all.

Namaste 🙏

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