Wedding Photo Shoot

The pressure is on!

This Sunday I'm having a wedding style photo shoot for my latest jewellery collection. Fingers and toes are well and truly crossed for a frosty winter wonderland! The weather has been perfect all week with a sparkling layer of frost everywhere so I'm hoping it will last until Sunday!

The amazing ​Claire Collinson w​ill be the photographer; we're using the ​Bowes Museum Gardens in Barnard Castle as one of our locations and the lovely Verity Naseby as the Bride. 'Cakes made to order'​ and I have collaborated on a vintage style wedding cake, as she is also going to be exhibiting at ​The Blackwell Grange wedding Fayre.​

Denise Marmont from ​Muscari​ florists is providing the flowers.

Victoria Beere​ has made the beautiful, 1950's style, vintage wedding dress.

Niche Living​ are providing beautiful interior accessories to set the scene.

For the second location we are using a stunning room designed by Claire Elizabeth Designs & Bespoke Finishing Services, in Barnard Castle.

And Rachel Hughes is doing the hair and make up!

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