How much is an engagement ring going to cost? & Other frequently asked questions!


It all depends on what you want! Here's why!

We have ready to wear Petite Designs that start from around £720 that can be adapted easily to suit your style or budget by changing the colour of the gemstones or diamonds.

Our Bespoke Experience starts from £2000. If you have a particular budget in mind we can help tailor the stone options to suit you! 

If you'd like a classic single stone diamond ring, the price will vary depending on the choice of diamond. The beauty is, that by adjusting the size, colour, cut or clarity, you can tailor the cost to suit your budget!

You can also choose between natural, Lab grown or salt and pepper diamonds. This means by adjusting one or more of these variations you can get more for your money! 

Here is the diamond chart to show you how diamonds are graded. The higher up the chart you go, the whiter and clearer the diamonds get. For example a 0.50ct  D Flawless will cost more than a 0.50ct GVS diamond. So if it needs to be a particular size, we can give you different price options!  


diamond grading chart


How do you price up a bespoke wedding or engagement ring?

There are numerous elements that we have to include when making a bespoke engagement ring. Such as;

The number of gemstones and or diamonds (The prices vary per stone)

CAD design

3d wax printing

Metal Casting

Metal weight (this will vary depending on the chosen metal, the width and finger size)

Stone setting per stone








Other costs if we are re casting your sentimental jewellery

Metal Can Charge (to keep your sentimental metal separate to any other metal in the casting process)

Button (A certain amount of metal is required when casting, to push the metal into the mould. If more metal is needed a button charge is added)

We will take all of this into consideration and give you a rough estimate at the start of the process, then we help guide you through the process to suit your budget.

Once we've identified the exact stone choices and we've done the final CAD design. Then we can give you a more accurate estimate based on the more accurate weight of the design.

Did you know?

Gold is charged by weight, and the metal prices fluctuate twice a day!

So the finger size and width of a design or adding extra stones will increase the amount of metal needed. 

This way we can adjust the final balance if the metal weight or price changes once the ring is cast. 

Which stones are best to use in an engagement ring?

It's best to use gemstones with a MOHS hardness of 7 or above. Such as Diamonds Sapphires, Ruby, Tourmaline, Spinel, Moissanite Alexandrite. These stones come in a variety of beautiful shades of the rainbow, they are strong enough to withstand daily wear and will maintain their colour and sparkle! 

Why shouldn't I choose an Emerald or Opal engagement ring?

Emeralds and opals are best used in occasional wear jewellery, or items that won't get knocked very often. Such as earrings or pendants. As they can break or chip very easily. Engagement rings need to be made with stones that are strong enough to be worn every day! 

I've got a sentimental ring that I'd like to redesign, can you re use the diamond and the gold?

Yes we can! 

It's such a lovely way to reuse sentimental items that have been passed down through the generations. Giving them a new lease of life. Check out our bespoke experience!

Can I mix different sentimental metals together?

It's best to melt the same colour and ct of metals together, for example if you mix 9ct and 18ct gold together, the item will be marked down by the assay office as 9ct gold. Losing some of the metal value. You can't melt platinum with gold. You could use different coloured metals in the design by making the head or setting in a different coloured metal to the shank! 

Can you melt down a gold chain?

It's best not to melt chains as every link has solder on it. This can make the gold patchy and brittle. Odd earrings, rings, bangles or pendants are best for melting down. Have you seen our Melted Collection? These can be made with your sentimental gold.

Can you re use my gemstones and diamonds?

Yes! We can remove and re use any sentimental precious stones. 

Please be aware that we take extra care when handling your sentimental items, however there is a small chance that when the stones are taken out of their original setting they could be chipped or damaged. Depending on how they have been set. This will also depend on the type of stones, as some are softer than others. If any do get chipped they can be re polished by a professional stone cutter. Or the new setting could be positioned to utilize the stone as it is, avoiding wastage.

Can you reuse my old silver jewellery?

We don't melt down sentimental silver Jewellery, due to the processing cost and time involved. It is more cost effective to use freshly processed recycled silver. We can scrap silver items to be deducted from the balance of a new piece of jewellery. However you may be better off selling your silver jewellery items online to get a better return. 


I hope you found this helpful, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

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