Emma Hedley Jewellery & Sugarhill Boutique @ Dolly Mama in Darlington

Beautiful Bambi Dress!

Hummingbird and Bambi Necklace available at Dolly Mama in Darlington
This scrummy little Bambi shift dress by Sugarhill Boutique is the perfect accompaniment to my new nature inspired necklaces available at Dolly Mama Boutique in Darlington.

Dolly Mama is my favorite little boutique in Darlington opposite the delightful Imperial café just off Grange road near Laura Ashley Interiors. It’s full to the brim with stunning designer dresses, vintage and handmade clothing by new up and coming designers. It’s the perfect place to find something special.



This handmade silver Hummingbird necklace symbolises the abundance of energy and lightness of being, it reminds you to enjoy the sweetness of life...

The handmade silver Deer necklace is a symbol of intuition, strength and grace, it reminds you to always follow your heart...

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