Colour Palette Inspiration: 'Luxurious Jungle'

Deep Green, Ivory & Gold

Welcome to our new weekly post on wedding style inspiration! This week we are focusing on lush greenery partnered with luxurious metallics - especially crafty details we can DIY in the comfort of our own home.

Decorative foliage and sprawling palm plants aren't anything new to interiors; jungle like details in the home are something we've all drooled over whilst scrolling through Pinterest - but recently we

are seeing more and more greenery emerge in wedding styling and we're loving it!

The options are endless here but the natural beauty of tropical foliage works best in either a more rustic setting (think bohemian wicker details and soft shades of linen) or something entirely minimalistic and industrial. Either option lends itself to less 'loud' colours which lets the gorgeous greenery and golden details speak for themselves.

This particular theme allows for lots of DIY fun (if you're up for it!). We love spray painted plastic animal toys; the toys can easily be picked up for pennies at your local charity shop or carboot sale then all you need is a mask, some outdoor space and a spray can to finish them off, once dried they work as brilliant name place holders or table numbers. Another fun DIY is spray painting wooden cutlery if your evening feast is more casual, simply mask off the handles with tape and spray with any metallic shade you prefer! You can even take this a step further and get creative with wooden planks, nailing sections together to create interesting shapes to hang or use as backdrops.

If you don't feel as confident with DIY projects there is still a wealth of easy details to pick up affordably. Geometric terrariums are easy to find online and in interior design stores and are brilliant to house flowers, candles and other decorative pieces. Charity shops are brilliant to pick up golden toned candelabras, crockery or beautifully tarnished antique cutlery.

Crucially, adorn the space with foliage to your hearts content and ignore the adage of 'less is more' because in this case more is more. Try lining the aisle with palm leaves or even glueing (with care) your menu to a deep green monstera leaf to place on your guests setting. Fill mason jars and glassware with leaves to scatter around tables alongside twinkling candles, and don't be afraid to also add a little greenery to your cake!

We aren't ones for dictating what best to suit any bride or
groom, but luckily this colour palette works incredibly well with most style of dress or suit anyway. Opt for something silky, simple and elegant or go all out boho with delicate lace and embroidery - the options are completely endless and all part of your personal vision for how you want to feel and express yourself on your big day.

Of course, we would say however that your big day opens up a world of exciting options when it comes to jewellery.

The foliage and metallic tones allow for more colourful options such as our gorgeous Baroque Radiance set with Emerald, Opal, Black Spinel, Pariba Blue Topaz and Blue Tourmalines; the gorgeous greenery also lends itself perfectly to a more traditional choice if you have your heart set on diamonds or simply something a little more subtle.

Whatever you choose, the rich tones of rose and yellow gold work perfectly with this colour palette.

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