'Chaise By Me' Final Degree Show 2007, 3D Design with Digital Modelling

I've just come across my old degree show work, and thought I should share the story of my journey!

I started the final year of my degree with my 9 week old baby boy Ifan (pronounced Ivan), I thought about my options and decided to just crack on and finish what I'd started, instead of dropping out or deferring a year. So for the first 3 weeks my partner and I, my dad and all of our friends helped to juggle Ifan between our student timetables until he was 12 week old, and he could go to nursery full time.

It was heart breaking leaving my little lamb at such an early age, and I cried all the way to the workshop after dropping him off, but decided that I just needed to make the most of the facilities and opportunities that were available and make the most of the child free time to get my work done!

So this is what I made! The playful collection of jewellery and furniture inspired by Memphis and Eames.

I studied 3D Design with Digital Modelling at The University of Central Lancashire in 2007. The course was a combination of jewellery, furniture and 3D CAD design.

This Chaise Lounge was inspired by the Memphis Design Movement, it's a playful mix of recycled materials meets luxury, with luxurious velvet upholstery and recycled steel, beech plywood and recycled powder coated buoys!

I was fascinated by vintage buttons and beads at the time, and amidst doing my course I also did lots of craft markets making and selling jewellery around the University with two of my friends every time the student loans came out.

The Chaise Longue now lives happily in our studio where we enjoy the occasional power nap!

If you would love to own a bespoke chaise longue, then just get in touchas we can make them to order, in a colour of your choice.

Here is the matching mirror, hat hook and magnetic button notice board that I made to go with the Chaise Lounge!

Again it was inspired by the Memphis Design movement, vintage buttons and beads and also The Vitra Eames 'Hang it all' hooks.

This was made from recycled powder coated steel, velvet, acrylic, vintage button magnets and powder coated wood.


These were a set of silver stacking rings that I made as part of the collection, I used cold enamel to give the pink colour, with gold leaf in the centre of the button holes and a green glass cabochon.

These revamped shoes with interchangeable shoe clips were the final piece of the collection.

Again going for the playful vibrant vibes of the Memphis movement.
So there you have it. One of the proudest achievements of my life!
Thanks for reading. X

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