A gorgeous range of gift sets filled with handmade pieces from local Artists.

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with some amazing Newcastle Upon Tyne based artists to create the most beautiful, thoughtful, personalised gift sets.

This is a unique collaboration of handmade products that you won't get anywhere else in the world! If you're looking for something a little different to give your loved ones this festive season, this may just be for you...

The gift sets include:

  • Handmade personalised leather purses and wallets by Tori Lo Designs

  • Hand thrown ceramic mugs by Raw Pots

  • Artisan geometric chocolate bars and hot chocolate by Abaisse Chocolatier

  • Luxury personalised gift boxes (with your own message) by Sickstyles

  • Personalised silver adjustable rings and bracelets by Emma Hedley Jewellery

  • So whether you're shopping for your Mum, Dad, your Other Half, your Uncle, Aunt, your Grandparents, your beloved children... or even for yourself, there is something perfect bundled up in one of these beautiful boxes.

Abaisse Chocolatier
We first discovered Abaisse Chocolatier whilst searching Instagram for local goodies to add to the mix! Lillie has been training to be a chocolatier since she was 18 and having perfected her gorgeous treats she has just begun trading. Lillie's products are entirely crafted by hand, from grinding down the cocoa beans to the finished product, these delicious pieces of luxury are not only a comforting treat but also stunning to look at.

Lillie's geometric chocolate bars are like a work of art and each flavour combination is just incredible! We were all in firm agreement that this is the most beautiful chocolate any of us had ever tried. Lillie kindly brought five bars to the studio for us to photograph and we got so excited we ate them all within minutes... before even getting the chance to photograph them (oops!) - so of course we just HAD to go back for more.

Emma Hedley Jewellery
The way to many hearts is of course with a thoughtful piece of jewellery. There's something incredibly special about being able to wear a gift from a loved one every day, and even more special when stamped with a little something just for you.

Emma's beautiful adjustable sterling silver 'Lyric' rings and 'Dainty Hoop' bracelets are a lovely way to give someone that precious gift with a personal twist. Both options are handmade and can be stamped with your message of choice - who wouldn't love that?

Raw Pots
If you haven't already taken a peak at the 'Hot Chocolate Box', then we're incredibly excited to have also collaborated with Raw Pots who makes beautifully hand thrown ceramics.

Becky's choice of glazes and colour combinations are gorgeously earthy, while each mug is just the perfect rustic shape to snuggle your hands around to keep them cosy with a warm cuppa on a cold day. Becky sells her unique ceramics on the Quayside market every Sunday, so pop along for a gentle stroll along the quayside and take a little look at everything she has on offer, we think there's no lovelier way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Tori Lo Designs
Another beautiful option within our gift sets are Tori Lo's stunningly hand crafted leather purses and wallets. Each piece is lovingly hand dyed, cut and sewn and then personalised with a message of your choice.

Vicky's attention to detail and craftsmanship is just beautiful and finished to an incredibly high standard, each and every time. Vicky is also based in Bamburgh house in Newcastle City Centre, which is where Vicky and Emma got together to concoct the idea of collaborating!

Each gift set comes perfectly gift wrapped in luxurious silver boxes, saving you any stress when it comes to gift wrapping.

Every set is personalised inside the lid of the box with your own message printed by Sickstyles. Sickstyles is an amazing art inspired print company also based in Bamburgh house, who have only just begun trading but have a lot of exciting things in the works!

It's been a lot of work and love getting these gorgeous boxes together and we are so happy with the finished result. We really hope you love what we have created together, and hope it not only makes your life a little easier close to Christmas but also makes your loved ones' faces light up when they open them up.

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