Wholesale Option D: Ripple and Melted


Option D includes 

1 x average Melted bangle

1 x Ripple Stud earrings

1 x Melted Hoop Earrings

In one metal colour, all made in recycled gold. Alternative bangle sizes are available separately.

Melted Inspiration

Melted... like some of the best things in life....

The aroma of warm melted chocolate...

The fragrant scent of butter melting in a pan...

Melting into a comfy bed at the end of the day...

The way your heart melts as you fall in love...

The process of melting gold is just utterly captivating and such a pleasure to make, creating unique and beautiful forms, that catch the light as you wear them.

Ripple Inspiration

Throw a pebble in the pond and watch the ripples grow… Make the ripples you create in your life be filled with kindness & compassion. May the impact you have be filled with love.

Also Included

POS display items

Eco box with pouch and gift bag packaging per item

Printed Display Images

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