Lyric Pillar Pendant


These lyric pillar pendants can be personalised with four words or up to 15 characters each side. They could be a reminder of words to live by or even words to describe someone or just a special message! This one features the words "Goodness...Kindness...Thoughtfullness...Generosity" 

The pillar measures 4cm x 5mm and you can choose to pair it with an 18" chain or a 30" chain. Perfect for stacking up with other necklaces & a great unisex gift!

If you would like a symbol engraved such as a heart or star, this is an additional £10 (♥ or )

The Story

"Goodness, Kindness, Thoughtfulness & Generosity"

These words were on the back of a receipt, that my Dad carried in his wallet for over 30 years. They'd been written by a child he'd taught. He said that they really resonated with him and so this is how he chose to live his life.


Simple, powerful and beautiful 

If each of our actions reflected these words, what a difference we would create around us!

What you send out into the world, gets reflected back to you!

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