Infinity Silver Bracelet


Silver Infinity bracelet 

Representing infinite conciseness, the never ending cycle, oneness, everything in the universe is connected from the smallest speck of dust to the biggest mountain.

This symbol gives us comfort, that no matter how far away we are form our friends and loved ones, in this life or the next, we are still connected.

This bracelet is adjustable so perfect if you don't know what size wrist someone has! Pendants are also available.

This symbol has appeared consistently since my dad passed away, it's been really quite profound and comforting! There is so much to learn about the universe and so much that we don't yet understand!

An infinity symbol, a figure of eight on it's side, can also be seen as symbol of eternal love and can represent the sense of simplicity and balance.

This silver infinity is perfect to give to a friend or even for yourself to wear as a reminder of the simple things and to help find balance in life. 

The infinity measures 6mm x 12mm and is fitted to an adjustable ball clasp bracelet.

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