Silver Feisty Vibes Necklace


Sometimes we might just be feeling a little bit feisty! And despite our best efforts we might not be reacting to situations in our usual lovely manner!

Wear our Feisty Vibes products as a word of warning to PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

Dimensions: 4.2 cm x 2.7 cm on an 18" chain.

*Each order comes gift wrapped with two limited edition Feisty Vibes notebooks to scribble out your frustrations!* 

Top tips for managing your Feisty Vibes!

  • Write down everything you're thinking and feeling, just scribble it down and get it out of your head!
  • Put on your favourite music and jump around to shake it off and change your state! (We like to wear wigs while we do this!)
  • Use your bed as a punchbag and scream into a pillow! 
  • Go for a run around the block!
  • Have a rant a day then move on and let it go!
  • If you feel yourself getting a bit shouty, maybe it's time to take yourself away for some time out!

Moving your body helps change your state, when you're stuck in your head, get into your body!  

Acknowledge how you're feeling, then choose to find proactive ways to manage your emotions. We have a choice about how we respond, and there are so many incredible tools out there!

Talk to someone, about how you're feeling, (It's best to not rant at the same person all the time!) Did you know you can actually call The Samaritans for a confidential rant if you just need to get things off your chest with someone completely impartial! Call: 116 123

Daily meditation and yoga are the absolute best medicine!

We LOVE Meditations by Master Co

and Yoga with Adriene 

If you have any top tips or suggestions please share them with us, as the more tools we have in our tool kit the better!

* Did you know The Hedley's ran a retreat centre for 20 years? So Emma grew up surrounded by people from all walks of life and belief systems. This foundation has blessed her with an open heart and mind, and the desire to help people overcome their obstacles. Over the past 6 years she has been researching happiness, testing out tools and putting them into practice, transforming her life and her mindset in the process! 

For more positive tools visit Emma's Blog  

For more Feisty Vibes products visit our Etsy store! (Some items are off the charts Feisty so we had to give them their own space away from the pretty sparkly things!) 


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