Personalised Blessings Bangle


Personalised sterling silver Blessings Bangle with silver sliding beads!

Hold each bead as you focus on something that you feel so completely grateful for in your life.

Tell me more!

Are you a worrier? Or have anxiety? A great technique to stop this negative spiral in its tracks is to: Focus On Gratitude! 

1: Recognise it's happening

2: Cut it off, visualise throwing the thought in the bin! (Think to yourself, nope, I'm not going down this route, thank you very much!)

3: Divert your attention by counting your blessings instead!

4: Take some deep breaths as you focus your attention on listing all the things that you're grateful for!

The beads on this bangle slide around, so it's really tactile, and lovely to play with!

When you feel yourself starting to worry or feel anxious or stressed, hold each bead as you think of something you're grateful for, to break the habit!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools for switching your state of mind and stopping a negative spiral.

Starting each morning by writing down 10 things you're grateful for, and ending the day in the same way is scientifically proven to increase your overall happiness. 



You can have your own empowering, positive messages stamped on the bangle (around 20 words on each side)

Let us know what you'd like in the notes section when you check out. 

If you would like a symbol engraved such as a heart or star, just make sure you select the option with an engaved symbol (♥ or )


Made from sterling silver

Bangle width approximately 2.5mm

Message is hand stamped

Processing times & returns

Our processing times are up to two weeks, however if it's a gift and you need it by a particular deadline, just state the deadline in the notes section when you check out!

Please see our returns and exchanges page for more details.


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