Emma Hedley Look Book 2023 Enchanting Essence of nature


Enjoy perusing our latest ethically sourced jewellery collections, inspired by the enchanting essence of nature. Embedded with mindfulness and positivity. Unique textures and colour pallets, designed to be a little bit different and extra special. Made using responsibly sourced Ocean Diamonds, Canada Mark Diamonds or Lab grown Diamonds. Recycled and Fairtrade gold. Ethically sourced beautiful rainbow shades of Sapphires and Tourmalines. Presented in our vintage inspired velvet hexagon ring boxes, and eco packaging. Planting a tree for every order we receive.

"We believe that the possibilities, are endless.

That little changes, made by lots of people, can make a big difference.
To dance to the beat of your own drum.

To follow your curiosity, while you play, at the game, called life."
Emma Hedley