Blessings bracelet Amazonite and White Agate


Hold each bead as you count your blessings...

"Counting your blessings

Melts away, worry and anxious

thoughts of the day


A simple mindfulness technique

That soothes the mind and soul

with ease


Hold each bead

As you breathe

Thank you

For everything

You see"

Each bracelet features a sterling silver tag with a mandala design on one side with the following on the other:


Thank you



The gemstone beads in this bracelet, are chosen to be beneficial for your well-being:

White agate: Helps you to find a source of positivity and energy in hard situations.

Peruvian Amazonite: is said to help you achieve clarity of mind.


Beads: White Agate & Peruvian Amazonite

Sterling silver disc : 12mm in diameter

Design has been laser engraved

This bracelet is elasticated


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