New Laser engraving service!

There is an exciting new feature that we have been eagerly waiting to tell you about! 

We have an amazing new laser engraver for all of our customisation needs! This new addition means that we will be able to incorporate a higher level of personalisation to your jewellery! For example, dates can easily be added onto the inside of a wedding band, names of loved ones, or perhaps a touching message.

love always engraved inside wedding ring

Here you can see our laser in action, this is where the magic happens, and your personalised message is engraved onto whichever piece you choose. 

We have a new Instagram account for the laser engraving service, please follow @PersonalisationStationUK to see some of the lovely creations!

laser engraver customised jewellery

After engraving, the jewellery takes a quick dip in the ultrasonic bath, to clear away any dust or scorch marks and just leaves the clear engraving behind!

laser engraved date on the back of a pocket watch

We can also engrave jewellery that you already own. For example, we can finally add hearts and stars onto Lyric bangles! Or any shapes and symbols you like! Just let us know what you fancy?

laser engraved hearts on personalised silver lyric bangle

 If you'd like anything engraving then feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas!

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